BREAKING: The Division 2 Free to Play Weekend

In a move of brilliance, grace, and near-perfect timing Ubisoft has made The Division 2 free to play from June 13 – June 17th.

The “Free to Play Weekend” will allow players to try out the game and keep their progress should they decide to purchase the game at the end of the weekend.

The Division 2 Promotional Shot
Ubisoft Announces Massive Free to Play Weekend for The Division 2

This comes as excellent news not only to those of us who are The Division 2 fans, it’s also huge for anyone who calls themselves a fan of the looter-shooter genre. Ubisoft’s commitment to grow it’s new flagship looter-shooter means the company will give constant attention to their new baby. That’s a good thing for gamers.

With Ubisoft making a concentrated effort to grow it’s D2 audience, gamers can rest assured that the company plans to keep new content and updates coming for a long time.

Already hailed as an essential example of the looter-shooter genre, The Division 2 had an impressive opening and continues to boast a large player base.

If you’ve ever considered The Division 2, now is the time.

But wait, there’s more!

Players who wish to purchase the full game at the end of the free weekend will be able to buy The Division 2 at the current running sale price. That’s up to 40% off depending on your platform.

You’ll get to keep all your progress you made during the free weekend.

Ubisoft is removing almost all the excuses to not jump in on this game. Unless you don’t like free things, in which case there’s not a lot I can do for you.

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