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With our team set to release a Greedfall Podcast episode at the end of this month, we wanted to quickly send out a few tips and tricks that have helped us navigate the game, get the best endings, peep the best gear, and generally be a badass on the island of Teer Fradee.

1. Save Money For Bribing

Across the various missions of the island we noticed one thing that stood out. You can bribe almost EVERYONE. Dialogue trees are extremely important in Greedfall, and if you aren’t spending valuable upgrade points on charisma you won’t be able to unlock some of the best outcomes the side missions have to offer. One trick around this is to bribe anyone you need information from.

This option pops up consistently in dialogue and can often times lead to more favorable outcomes.

You don’t need to save money for gear and weapons. You’ll do just fine looting and crafting. Instead, save that valuable coinage to line the pockets of the lords and ladies of the Island.

2. Firearms are OP

If you’re looking for the best way to overpower enemies you cannot go wrong with a build focused on guns. As long as you consistently remember to stock up on ammo, you’ll be sitting pretty throughout most of the games fights. Pair this with two companions who are heavy melee and sit back and blow those monsters sky high.

You can also wield a two handed rifle while keeping a one handed blade in your hand. It’s a great trick for having an extra bit of melee power at your side.

3. Invest in Parry

The parry technique in Greedfall can be upgraded to the point where it deals damage automatically to your enemy if timed right. The skill is found in the tactician section (green section) of the skill tree. You can also spend time in the arena practicing this skill.

Most attack animations give you a great signal for the parry technique, so using it becomes easy with some practice.

4. Pause Midbattle and Change Hotkeys

There are a total of twelve different hot keys you can set in Greedfall. Anything from potions, to spells, to explosives can be set into one of these button combinations.

You’ll notice that often times you don’t have the hot key set up that matches the weakness of the enemy you’re facing. Greedfall makes it easy by giving you a strategic pause.

Let’s say your enemy doesn’t like poison. You can pause the action and change your hotkeys to poison traps, vials, and weapon add ons. Head back into the action and you suddenly have a potent offense.

5. Explore/Disregard Mission Guidance

GreedFall is the classic example of a game that tells you to go left, while also hiding loot on the right.

While not being “fully” open world, Greedfall certainly does have a lot of areas to explore. Like any fantasy game there’s often times a chest hidden out of view just beyond the path you’re walking. Take time to check around, especially outside of the beaten path.

6. Stay Near Enemies to Control the Jank

The fighting in this game has one major jank. When enemies disengage and go back to their spawn areas they are fully healed. That means if you roll dodge too far away and an enemy stops fighting you and goes back to their perch they’ll have full health once you attack them again.

Anytime you start a fight in Greedfall make sure to say within your enemies assigned area. For gun builds you’ll be doing a lot of point blank shooting, but hey what could be more fun?

7. There’s a Roll Dodge In The Skill Tree

Unlike a lot of action RPG games, Greedfall makes you earn your roll dodge. Keep a look out for it as you level up. It’s a great addition to any build and something that should (perhaps) exist for your character at the beginning.

Several late game bosses have wide arcing attacks that cover a very large area. The roll dodge makes dealing with these fights much easier.

8. Ignore Armor Focus on Health

In Greedfall your health is represented by a red bar. Above it is a series of shields that represent your “armor” score. Armor absorbs some damage for you but eventually wears away. Once that happens your character will take significantly more damage to their health.

There might be a temptation here to focus on keeping your armor high, and making it focus above your health. Don’t do this.

Your health bar (like most action RPGs) should still have almost all of your attention. You can repair your armor mid-fight, but that precious second is probably better spent healing yourself.

9. Keep Guardians Focused on You

Some of the guardian boss fights are pretty wild. You’ll need to use a full arsenal of tricks to make it out alive.

While the guardian battles are manageable, they pose a very real threat to your AI companions. Like most games, the AI allies in Greedfall are not great at blocking and dodging. If a guardian locks in on them the guardian will drop your ally quick.

To combat this, deal out damage to guardians quickly, at the very beginning of every fight. The guardian will focus on your player character, giving you ample time to dodge and block. Meanwhile, your allies will be able to dish damage out, the one thing they are good at.

10. Keep Faction Armors to Easily Navigate

There’s quite a few areas in Greedfall that you cannot access unless you belong to the group that owns that particular piece of the map. The nauts for example, have several warehouses that are for nauts only.

The easiest and best way around this is to dress up as a naut and stroll right in like you own the damn place. Otherwise you’ll have to fight your way in, and risk losing alignment points toward the group.

If you look at the bottom of your armor stats you’ll see a little shield that represents which group that armor belongs to. It’s a smart idea to keep one outfit of each group handy, so you can pretend to be one of them whenever the need arises.

Nathan is the co-host and co-creator of the Splash Damage Bros. Podcast. He grieves the loss of gaming events everywhere. @thenatejc @splashdamagebro

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