About Us

Splash Damage is a videogame community based in Atlanta, Ga. In 2017, the four of us decided to start a podcast. The idea was simple: a videogame book club. Each month we’d rotate a game pick, forcing the other 3 to play along, and round out the month talking about the experience.

We’ve been having a good time since and decided to expand our reach a bit. We cover points of interest we find in the videogame industry as well as current events. We might even have a few surprises in store. Like/Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch when you get a chance. Listen and subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcast and Spotify.

The Splash Damage Bros. are:

One of Andrew’s earliest memories was playing in the front yard with his 4 siblings (you remember, the thing you did before video games?) and then seeing his sister do a literal cartwheel after they found out they were getting a Nintendo Entertainment System. She could literally care less about videogames now and has a husband and daughter. Although huge into the Final Fantasy games and Nintendo games in his childhood, in the past 10 years a few of Andrew’s favorite games are: Bioshock, Halo 4, PUBG, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, The Division, Titanfall 2, and of course Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009). His most anticipated game right now: Cyberpunk 2077.

John is a storytelling enthusiast with a passion for cameras and any game that isn’t Dark Souls. He firmly believes in the unique properties that make video games special as a medium and the developers that push the craft to new levels. His two favorite franchises are Mega Man and Street Fighter, but Capcom is not his favorite developer which makes no sense. John’s dog name is Kupo, a reference to his deeply profound relationship with the Final Fantasy series which comes in handy when arguing about how good they used to be when Square was Soft and not Enix

A co-host of the Splash Damage Bros. Podcast, Nathan is also a fiction writer out of Atlanta GA with two novellas currently in iTunes/Kindle (The Wren, and A Gun in the Water). He now writes screenplays and has placed in multiple screenplay competitions including the Austin Film Festival and Sundance. 

As a gamer, Nathan is a 3rd person action and RPG fan. He’s been with the Assassins Creed franchise from day 1 and never tires of defending the creed. He’s played every Final Fantasy though not in order. Nathan Drake is his typical avatar whenever possible. 

He believes in watching Star Wars in the 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 order. 

He hates beets. 

PSN: CollierHome Twitter: @thenatejc 

Thomas remembers his dad bringing home a NES when we was about 4. The experience of playing Super Mario Bros. was something special and has continued playing ever since. Mario, Sonic, Contra, Castlevania, DOOM, Final Fantasy, and Street Fighter were his go to’s in his childhood.

He took a break from videogames in his early 20s and got back into them in his late 20s. The game that turned the tide for him was Dark Souls. He is forever looking to relive his twin loves of exploration and twitch gameplay. The Soulsborne game have offered him both in an almost limitless quantity.

He is more enthralled than ever that Capcom is returning to form after a long hiatus. He wishes Konami would stop screwing around.

He replays DOOM (1993) whenever he gets the chance and is always looking forward to what FROM Software will do next.