GuliKit Route Air Review

You own a Switch, right? Great! You hate wires, right? Wonderful! If you said yes, get ready for a great little device that gets you one step closer to eradicating wires from your life. If you said no, read on and prepare to change your mind. The GuliKit Route Air is a wonderful device. A Bluetooth audio transceiver offering form factor, simplicity, and added value through impressive extras.

Plugging any peripheral into the Switch, I expect a bit of inconvenience. That’s the trade-off I accepted a long time ago with peripherals in general. GuliKit, the fine folks behind the Route Air, are different. They really think through these designs, making them as unobtrusive as possible. I found this earlier in the year with GuliKit’s Switch power bank and their Switch dock. The Route Air proves yet again their commitment to making products that excite their customers. I am used to gimmicks from peripheral makers, but GuliKit doesn’t rely on them. They solve problems with finesse, offering solutions through discreet, sleek products. The Route Air is tiny. Plugging into the USB-C port, it blends right in. Within seconds of playing, it becomes unnoticeable. My favorite kind of peripheral.

The Route Air is a low profile, thoughtful product. Blends right in. Aaahhhhhhh.

After plugging it in, the Switch recognized it immediately. Holding the pairing buttons down on my headset and the Route Air was all I needed to do and I was off to the races. The Route Air also draws its power from the Switch, so you don’t need to worry about that either. Simplicity is great.

Simplicity is all around, too, carrying over to the audio. The audio transmission on the Route Air is crisp. I fired up a few games, Sonic 2, Sonic Mania, DOOM, Freedom Finger, and Mario Kart. They all sounded great, with no latency to speak off. The poppy tunes of Sonic and the hellish moans of DOOM were right where they’d always been.

So its tiny, and its simple, but its also versatile. The Route Air can be enjoyed on the go, or in docked mode with the included USB dongle. Plug it right into your dock and it works just as easily. You can even use this on other devices. My iMac detected it instantly. This versatility of is one of my favorite things about the Route Air.

Included in the box is a carrying case, the Route Air, and the USB dongle.

Solving one of the biggest nitpicks of Switch owners, GuliKit made the Route Air. Not only did they solve the issue of bluetooth audio on the go, they did one better, incorporating dual pairing. I unfortunately was unable to test out dual pairing, so I can’t speak to its quality here. What I can say is I have seen a dedication from GuliKit towards adding value to all their products. All of the products I have reviewed contain little design flourishes that gave me a really good feeling. The dual pairing on display with the Route Air is yet another example of this.

With the ability to pair two bluetooth headsets, coupled with the incredible form factor and the simplistic set up, the Route Air is a joy to use. GuliKit makes recommending the Route Air easy.

A full spec sheet can be found over at GuliKit.

The Route Air is available over on Amazon for $29.99.

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