GuliKit: Detachable Back Mount Power Bank 10000 mAh for Switch: Product Review

Traveling with the Switch. Its one of life’s simple joys. Put me on an airplane with the Switch and time just vanishes. Its great. Slightly less great is losing my charge, which is an easy thing to do with the Switch. I’ve carried around a battery pack to remedy this, but its still not perfect. I didn’t know this until I met this nifty battery pack, the GuliKit Detachable Back Mount Power Bank 10000 mAh for Switch. Its a long name, but try not to forget it.

The GuliKit powerbank is like most others, but it has a key difference. Included is a little bracket that latches onto the Switch. The powerbank can be removed from the bracket when not in use. This is a good thing, as it’s a little heavy. This added weight I’ve found ok because it gives my fingers something to wrap around.

Everytime I hold the Switch, I can’t shake that it was designed with a kid’s hands in mind. The profile is small, there are no grips or contours, and it gives me the hand cramps. Playing a videogame and getting the hand cramps is pretty undesirable. I hate it. I have found that attaching this powerbank to the Switch, while adding some weight, really helps with the cramping. It was a wonderful discovery. I didn’t expect this, but the added bulk on the back gave my fingers a nice place to rest.

There’s just enough bulk to give my big hands some relief. Check out that sweet charging cord too!

The other cool thing about the GuliKit Powerbank is the USB-C charging cord. The cord is attached to the side of the powerbank and just slides in and out. There’s no excess length and is the perfect size to charge the Switch. When I saw this thing for the first time, I was wowed. GuliKit showed me a problem I didn’t know I had with an elegant design solution. To think, I have gone this whole time, lugging cables around! Well, no more I say! All kidding aside, it’s a really cool feature. I love how compact the whole thing is when its on the Switch. I think if you check it out you’ll be equally impressed.

GuliKit really nailed it with this powerbank. They took a product thats pretty standard and customized it just enough that its the perfect Switch companion.

Check out the specs here. Current price is around $39 and can be purchased here.

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